SensorBrick RM

The SensorBrick intended to automate physical environment monitoring of server rooms, archives, stores via LAN and Internet. It allows you to remotely obtain information about the status of the sensors, view history and receive the notifications and alerts when any of sensors status is out of range.

Sensor brick

  • 10/100-BASE-TX Ethernet port,
  • Rack mountable 19" 1U,
  • 12 ports for the connection of external sensors,
  • The ability to combine several virtual devices in one interface.


The SensorBrick RM is a device for remote monitoring and tracking of the environment in the server room. The sensors of temperature, humidity, smoke and gas, pressure allow to control the operating conditions of the equipment in the room or server cabinet. Door sensor will warn about unauthorized access to the cabinet or room.

Data obtained due to the device will be represented by statistical graphs and give the opportunity to draw appropriate conclusions.

The ability of sending emails and SMS (optional) allows to receive timely notification of emergency situations, when a sensor goes out of range of a configurable threshold. The system will alarm you via email, web page and SMS messages (via external modem).

SensorBrick provide opportunity:

  • - to make all configurations using Web browser
  • - to get alarms about critical changes via WEB interface, Email or SMS
  • - to get statistical data in charts, diagrams, tables
  • - to make configurations via Internet being outside the company

Supported sensors

  • - Temperature sensor
  • - Humidity sensor
  • - Power source sensor
  • - Door opening sensor
  • - Leakage sensor
  • - Smoke detector
  • - Motion detector
  • - Glass-break detector
Temperature sensor

External temperature sensors allow you to monitor operating temperature of critical equipment, to receive timely notification of failures and faults in climate control system, diagnose the ceiling vent streams.

Humidity sensor

It allows you to evaluate the relative atmospheric humidity. Typically used for monitoring the optimal operating conditions of the computer equipment in server rooms. There is a combined sensor of temperature and humidity.

These are the most popular sensors in monitoring systems. The combined sensors occupying just one port on the device, allow you to control both temperature and relative humidity.

Power source sensor

This allows the sensor to determine the presence or absence of voltage in the power outlet, which is connected to the sensor. Connection of the sensor makes it possible to receive notifications about the disappearance of voltage in the power supply. In this case the device should be powered by UPS, battery or backup power supply line.

Door opening sensor

It allows you to monitor the opening / closing of the door of the server room or closet.

Leakage sensor

It allows you to determine the accumulation of water on the floor of the server room or at the bottom of the control cabinet. The sensor can be useful to control leakage of water from the air conditioner condensing system.

Smoke detector

This senses smoke, typically as an indicator of fire.

Motion detector

This detects moving objects, particularly people. Such a device is often integrated as a component of a system that automatically performs a task or alerts a user of motion in an area.

Glass-break detector

This detects if a pane of glass is shattered or broken.

The convenience of use

24 hours/7 days in a week

The device is designed for continuous operation 24/7. The Linux operating system and the absence of moving parts (blowers, hard drive, etc.) allows you to get the most reliable operation.

Built-in web-server

All configuration and device management are carried out through a browser. Accordingly, there is no need to install special software. It works on any OS (Windows, Linux, Mac).

Connecting to an Ethernet network, a static or dynamic IP address

The device normally connects to the Ethernet network on any free port of Ethernet switch. In case of using the public IP address, the device can be accessible from anywhere in the world.

Virtual combination

The feature of virtual combination allows you to use one device for observations and monitoring of all your devices in one interface.

Authorization and restriction of access

Access to web-based interface is protected by a configurable user login and password. To get to the web interface of the device, you need to log in. In addition, there are separate levels of access for the administrator and user.


The device supports update via the device web-interface. We periodically release updates. Software updates are free.

Energy independent event log

All events (the information from the sensors) are stored in non-volatile memory. The information is retained even when the power fails.

Energy independent clock and time synchronization with NTP

The device has an own built-in non-volatile hours, and the ability to automatically synchronize with an external time server using the NTP protocol.


All configuration and device management are carried out through a browser.

Sensor Brick User Interface

Software features։
  • Two types of system access – administrator and user
  • Simultaneous observation of all sensors state,
  • Quick access to the sensors history,
  • Ability to view monitoring history in the form of charts, as well as in text forms,
  • Monitoring of sensors performance,
  • Setting the minimum and maximum values separately for each sensor, according to them notifications will be sent,
  • The automatic update via web-interface.


Basic parameters  
Ethernet port 1 x 10/100 BASE-TX
Fanless execution Yes
Updates Yes
Physical parameters  
Device dimensions (mm) WxHxD 483 х 44 х 108
Delivery content Device SensorBrick RM, power cable
Power consumption < 10 W.
Voltage 230V
Operation range 0°C - 40°C
Weight 920 gr.
Connectable sensors  
Temperature sensors Up to 12 sensors
Humidity sensors Up to 12 sensors
Temperature and humidity sensors Up to 12 sensors
Power source sensor Up to 12 sensors
Door opening sensor Up to 12 sensors
Leakage sensor Up to 12 sensors
Smoke detector Up to 12 sensors
Motion detector Up to 12 sensors
Glass-break detector Up to 12 sensors

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