VoiceBrick BE-VB-1.0.0 IP-based PBX is an ideal communication solution for small business

Communication Channels

Traditional telephony – PSTN support using any external FXO & FXS Gateways.

VoIP – SIP protocol support allows work via the Internet or LAN.


  • Up to 10 IP trunks
  • Up to 50 SIP subscribers
  • Up to 20 active calls

VOICE BRICK PBX Series combines the revolutionary achievements of modern technology, based on proven functional, flexible configuration and supports all of the latest communication protocols.

VOICEBRICK PBX has a full range of capabilities needs small and medium businesses.

You will be able

  • Reduce the cost of local, mobile and international calls
  • Integrate all branches and remote workplaces into a single network with a common numbering and dial plan.
  • Provide the mobility of employees
  • Do not be tied to telephony providers and fixed phone numbers


  • Outgoing calls intelligent routing
  • IVR and Auto Attendant
  • DISA support
  • Call forwarding, Call Tranfer, Call Waiting, Call Pickup, etc.
  • Voicemail
  • Call Recording
  • Conference Call

Сall log and reporting

  • Full call Log
  • Preconfigured reports
  • Reports exporting
  • Fax receiving using IVR